Providing Sophisticated Power and Water Project Development and Operations

How Can We help You?

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

  • Become familiar with local labor rules and regulations
  • Partner with local and international EPC providers
  • Solicit multiple providers to ensure competitive pricing
  • Investigate financing options with vendors/contractors
  • Create a financeable contractual framework with appropriate performance warranties and guarantees
  • Assure the involvement of small business and local contractors when appropriate

Finance and valuation

  • Conduct strategic and financial analysis on potential power generation and water treatment facilities
  • Perform pro forma financial analysis to assess economic viability, with the goal of increasing risk-adjusted returns (IRRs)
  • Tailor project financing to appeal to various stakeholders and sources of capital
  • Accurately analyze various exit or operating strategies

New Market Entry and Due Diligence

  • Leverage existing global network of partners
  • Engage U.S. commercial services personnel in host countries
  • Determine economically attractive power generation and water projects
  • Pursue both sole-source and tendered projects
  • Identify local business and political entities early in the process for potential partnership
  • Analyze host country regulations and power generation and water treatment policies
  • Prepare primer on the power generation and water treatment sector

Technology Providers

  • Gain and maintain in-depth knowledge of technologies available
  • Match new and existing technologies to provide unique solutions
  • Assure innovative technologies are considered and financeable
  • Identify opportunities to apply technology to optimize existing operating projects 
  • Partner with local and international technology providers.


50 years of combined global project management experience.

International Exposure

Experience in over 60 countries

Financial Capacity

Over $10B in project debt financing

Strong Relations

Strong relationship with global leaders in industrial and infrastructure markets


15,000MW installed capacity


Proven success in the United States and Latin America

We provide our partners and host country with fully functional and economically robust power generation or water treatment facilities.We strive to achieve a winning scenario for all involved -  our partners, the host nation, the local population and our company. We are:

How We Do It?


strategic opportunities to pursue alone or with our technology and/or EPC partners


and sustain a portfolio of operating power generation and water treatment assets


projects to financial close utilizing proven or creative structures, as necessary


the entire lifecycle of project development and finance to successful completion


projects with community socio-economic and political objectives


the value of the asset through its full life cycle


value for our partners and counterparties consistent with the anticipated financial performance of the project